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Preclinical development candidates

In addition to its four advanced clinical development candidates, Belrose has also completed “Proof of Concept” development work for a number of additional clinical candidates.

Generally, Belrose files provisional patent applications to protect composition of matter for these compounds that reflect the results of its cell line/animal testing and initial formulation development for these candidates.

Belrose is currently advancing development and commercialization of proprietary clinical candidates, including the following:


  • Advanced Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
  • Therapeutics with a targeting moiety (non-Oncology indications)
  • Dual-active combination therapies
  • Novel applications of proprietary conjugation technology
  • Improved versions of existing therapeutics (e.g., once-a-week vs. once-a-day dosing)
  • Proprietary therapeutics for specific indications, e.g.,
    • Enzyme Replacement Therapies
    • Diabetes
    • Oncology
  • Proprietary therapeutics based on molecule type, e.g.,
    • Proteins
    • Peptides
    • Small molecules
    • Molecules with low solubility