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Strategic Collaborations – Overview

Belrose works with partners to help develop and deliver next-generation therapeutics that leverage its proprietary technology platforms and know-how. Collaboration partnerships allow pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to accelerate the development and commercialization of their clinical candidates by having Belrose use its proven technology platform, including access to the large numbers of its proprietary, patent-protected Releasable Linkers.

Range of Services

The Belrose technical and management team has significant experience developing new therapeutics and helping established companies implement life cycle management strategies for approved products.

Belrose leverages its proprietary technology and years of development experience to assist collaboration partners with:


Partnership Advantages

Belrose brings a unique strategic approach to help improve collaboration partners’ product development processes to rapidly advance clinical candidates to the point of approval.

  • The Belrose team leverages its significant pharmaceutical development expertise and its proprietary technology platforms and cGMP manufacturing experience.
  • Belrose generally provides its services on a “fixed price/defined deliverable” basis to provide as much certainty as is possible.
  • Belrose relies on its collaborations to advance its development programs to address unmet clinical needs, including Partnerships with a wide range of industry participants.