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Other Formulation Technologies

In addition to the proprietary Permanent and Releasable PEGylation technologies that Belrose acquired from Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Belrose has the ability to efficiently deploy a range of other proprietary formulation technologies to advance a broad range of clinical candidates, including nanoparticles, lipid formulations, and other formulation strategies appropriate for each specific clinical candidate.

In exploring each clinical development opportunity, Belrose works with clients to assess the desired clinical profile for the final product for a broad range of molecules with a focus on the following difficult-to-formulate categories:

Range of Suitable Product Candidates

Belrose can draw upon a wide range of proprietary formulation technologies to address formulation development strategies for a broad range of compounds, including:
  • Proteins
  • Peptides
  • Antibody fragments
  • Antibodies
  • Oligonucleotides/SiRNAs
  • Small molecules
  • Compounds with low solubility


To address each specific challenge, Belrose assesses and deploys a range of technologies, including the following formulation technologies:

Breadth of Belrose’s Proprietary Formulation Technologies

Belrose draws upon a broad range of proprietary formulation technologies to meet the specific Target Product Profile
  • Permanent PEGylation
  • Releasable PEGylation
  • Other proprietary formulation strategies
    • Polymer conjugation/ complexation
    • Nanoparticles including PEG and/or Lipids
    • Engineered proteins/ antibodies (chimerized)
    • Lipid and liposome-based formulations
    • Other formulation technologies as appropriate


By selecting the most appropriate set of technologies and leveraging its proven expertise, Belrose is able to deliver:

    • Creative formulation strategies to achieve strategic needs, including differentiated therapeutic value, enhanced life cycle management, and cost-effective solutions
    • Wide range of technologies to address formulation challenges associated with proteins, peptides, antibody fragments, antibodies, oligonucleotides, small molecules, compounds with low solubility, bioconjugates of cytokines, immunotoxins, enzymes and siRNAs
    • Proven expertise with a range of dosage formulations and routes of administration