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Technology Overview

Belrose Pharma has deep experience applying a range of technologies, including its proprietary releasable linker technology to develop and commercialize enhanced versions of a wide range of therapeutics to better serve patient needs.

Belrose is focused on developing enhanced products to deliver improved therapeutics which have increased bioavailability, less frequent dosing and/or improved side effect profile.

Depending on the objectives for a given therapeutic, Belrose can deploy the following proprietary formulation technologies:

  1. Releasable PEGylation, employing linkers designed to detach from the native molecule at a controlled rate under precise conditions
  2. Site-Specific PEGylation, using one of several chemical linkers designed to provide lasting linkage that will maximize activity of a native molecule.
  3. Other Proprietary Formulation Technologies, including nanoparticles, lipid formulations and other strategies appropriate for specific clinical candidates

Follow the links above for more information on how Belrose Pharma formulation technologies continue to advance the development of innovative therapeutics, including both internal development programs and those of Belrose’s collaboration partners.